The Flower Club

Love fresh flowers or know someone that does? The Flower Club is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend, or just a simple way to keep fresh flowers in your own home!
Here's the deal: Every week we deliver a bouquet of flowers to you or your recipient, for as long as you'd like! This way, you or your recipient can be delighted every week with a new bouquet of seasonal flowers. This is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, anyone staying in a care home/hospital, or just an easy gift for that special someone to show that you care.
And now we're happy to introduce... The Steveston Flower Club! If you or your recipient live within Steveston Village, you're eligible for free bicycle delivery. How exciting!
How to Join:
1. Provide us with your contact info and payment information
2. Let us know who/where the flowers are going to (delivery charges may apply)
3. Choose your bouquet size (minimum $25)
4.Arrange which days you would like the flowers delivered, and for how long
... and that's it! Call or stop by today to set up your Flower Club membership today!